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I just had to write and tell you about my delight in opening my orchid delivery package. It’s look of healthiness and beauty is outstanding.
 Thank you for taking such pride and care for your product.  I certainly will be ordering more, in the future. E.P.
I just had to write and tell you about my delight in opening my orchid delivery package. It’s look of healthiness and beauty is outstanding.
Thank you for taking such pride and care for your product.  I certainly will be ordering more, in the future. E.P.

 I got my iwanagara apple blossom a couple weeks back and, after having it finally come into bloom, I can finally say that I was blown away with my experience with you. The plant is huge, barely fitting in the pot it was sent in, and the flowers are incredible. The smell amazing and are so pretty they almost look photo shopped! Thanks for the amazing orchid, can't wait to buy more! A.H.

A few weeks ago, I ordered an orchid for my sister and her husband.  They were very pleased with it and especially impressed with the packaging.  It was in bloom and you wrapped it so carefully to ensure it was protected and looked great. I want to thank you for doing such a great job.  It's a big deal to have a gift arrive in good condition.Also, thank you for calling me to double check the delivery address!  That avoided a disaster! You are at the top of my gift choices and I would recommend you to anyone. Mari

The plants arrived safe and sound today, just as promised.  They exceed my expectations - large, healthy, actively growing plants.  Both the orchids and the customer service are superior to what I've received from the few other online suppliers I've tried.  While I'd prefer to shop in person, geography makes that impossible. I've found no quality orchids within an hour of my location. I will definitely be ordering more orchids from Odom's!
Thank you for making my day (week? Month?) J.M.

Thank you so much for working with me, not always easy while living overseas. The flowers arrived very quickly- no worries about being late for Mothers Day! They are beautiful and still have buds, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your prompt and helpful communication, and great prices. You'll be hearing from me again. A.S.

My sister received her orchid in pristine condition. She loves it. The hand written note was a very nice personal touch as well, much better than a generic typed out note. Thank you so much! I will defiantly be referring you guys to everyone. L.N.

I recently visited my mother-in-law in Florida.  She loves orchids.  I wanted to send her an orchid as a thank you for her hospitality while I was visiting.  I did an internet search and came across your company.  You have so many beautiful flowers it was hard to choose from, but I finally did place an order.  You then were kind enough to let me know that my choice would not be in bloom until the summer.  You worked with me to find a suitable selection that would bloom now, and as luck would have it, in her color of choice of purple.  She received the plant last week and sent me pictures of it in bloom this weekend.  The C. lueddemanniana is absolutely stunning.  My sincere thanks to you for all that you did to make this gift  an outstanding success.  I will definitely highly recommend your company to family and friends. N.S.

They just came in... Wow!!!
The two plants arrived in spectacular condition and obviously, very well taken care of... The size of both is exceptional and in my opinion, they should both bloom on their already up and coming new growth...
Thank you for the excellent product and outstanding customer service...
I look forward to many more purchases in the future. A.F., FL

My order arrived today. All plants are bigger than
expected,have multipul leads,one even has 2 bids!
I am so very pleased.. Thank you. M.H.

I just wanted to say Thank you for the orchid. It has opened with 3 blooms and my Brother-in-law is thrilled, not easy to do. You always send the best and I appreciate it. B.K., FL

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the orchids today, I didn't expect them so quickly, thanks! I also didn't expect flowers, they look great, I'll definitely be ordering form you again. R.K., FL.

Dear Friends, I just unpacked my recent order and could hardly believe how huge the orchids plants are.  What a deal!  Here in the Keys I grow my orchids outside year round in the trees (except when hurricanes come).  For me they are really landscape plants, so to have such strapping specimens at modest prices is fabulous. Many thanks!  B.S., FL.

Hello Rob!  I just received your package and was taken back (eyes wide open) surprised ! I want to thank you so much for the beautiful plant. I do have to tell you my heart skipped a beat on this one. Surperb ! as well as the packaging. You can be sure I will be back. Best Regards, R.D., VA.

Rob: I got them on Tuesday, they look great! Thanks so much for great orchids and great service!! K.S., FL.

I just received today a Phal. ‘Golden Treasure’ that my daughter ordered from you as a Christmas present for me. I must tell you what a beautiful plant this is! There are no retailer’s in the Ocala area with orchids as healthy as this one! It has three bloom spikes and came carefully wrapped with no damage at all. I have spent the last hour looking at your website and found at least twenty more that I would love to have! It is so nice to deal with a company that provides such quality plants and excellent service! M.M., FL.

Hi - just unpacked my order and I'm very, very impressed with the quality of plants from Odom's!  This may be my last order for the year, but I plan to order from you all again next year! Thanks again, T.L., FL.

Good Morning! Just wanted to let you know that the orchids arrived this afternoon in fine condition! Also, want to thank you especially for these beautiful and healthy plants - the cynoches even has a bud on it! Best regards, P.R., NY.

Hi!  Order arrived yesterday -- I'm very impressed!  Very well packed and the quality of the plants surpassed my expectations!  Will definitely order from Odom's in the future. Thanks, T.L., FL.

Received my order of four orchids and they are beautiful specimens! A few days later I had a bud open on one.  Thank you so much for quality orchids and wonderful service, I will definitely be a repeat customer. M.K., AR.

Again you send me beautiful ,huge, healthy, multiple lead orchid plants! I have purchased orchids from many vendors over the last 40 years but few equal the quality of the plants you send. Shipped plants always arrive in great condition,and your friendly service and expert answers to questions are the best.
Many thanks, D.M., WA. 

"Hello Louise and all Odom's staff and crew, My recent order arrived in perfect condition, as they always do from Odom's! I never stop being amazed at the quality, health, and nice sized plants you send in my orders! I am never disappointed and always thrilled when that large box arrives! There's an old saying "There's a right way and a wrong way to do things." I wanted to tell you, that you folks always do it the right way! It is most appreciated by your customers!" - J.A., FL

"Dear Odom's - just a note of thank you and appreciation for the lovely, healthy plants you shipped to me today. I have been doing mail order orchids for about 4 years now, and I must say that these are the happiest and healthiest plants I've received by far, and I've ordered from approx 7 different suppliers from California to Florida. My 3 plants came lovingly wrapped, free from any damage. Please share my sincere 'thank you' with anyone that selected, wrapped or shipped my plants. Keep up the great growing! Kindest Regards," - D.B., MA

"Thank you for the nice response to my inquiry. I think you have done such a fantastic job with the online catalog. I love being able to enlarge the images of the orchids...and the colors are so beautiful!" - S.S., CA

"Thanks for the beautiful orchid plants. They are just perfect! Two of the plants are already getting ready to bud and I only got them 2 weeks ago. Your orchids are some of the best I have ever ordered, your competition better look out!" - D.C., AR

"My beautiful orchid plants arrived in perfect condition thanks to your very special 'T.L.C.' in packing them. I never expected such large sizes! I'm truly pleased." - P.M., NJ

"Thank you for a fabulous year of spikes, blooms and very health plants!" - L.M., CA

"Your quality is superior to any of the growers we have seen in this area. Thank you!" - J.S., FL

"I would like you to know how much I appreciate the fine packing job you did on my orchid plants. They arrived in excellent condition as a result of this careful packing." - F.H., AL

"The orchids arrived in excellent condition. I placed another order with a different Florida mail order orchid shop. These plants were tiny without many roots. Your plants were far superior. I'm a happy customer." - R.K., FL

"Just wanted to say Thank you for the prompt service on my order. My Phals. arrived today in great shape. I am just getting started with orchids and you can be assured that I am quite pleased with my first attempt at ordering with your company and will be doing repeat orders in the future. Thanks." - D.W., CA

"Your web site is also terrific. Keep up the good work!" - C.D., AZ

"I just received the Brassia which I ordered last week...and the plant is absolutely beautiful! It is huge & healthy. Thank you for the excellent service." - H.M., RI

"Received your 1998 catalogue. It is beautiful. The last order I placed with you, I was very impressed with the quality and size of your orchids and plan to order more from you in the future." - A.B., TX

"My plants arrived today. They look terrific and are very clean. Now I have to prepare a new order!" - D.C., WA

"Everyone should know that Odom's is the place for big, beautiful, HEALTHY orchids. I got my Brs. today, WOW what a beauty...such big full leaves! Thank you for such a great selection." - M.Y., TN

"The Bc. Green Dragoon 'Hartford' I bought from you a few years ago is blooming triumphantly and beautifully. Many thanks." - K.H., PA

"I received an order from you about 2 weeks ago. I was very impressed!! Your plants are the ultimate in quality!! I have ordered from lots of other mail-order orchid nurseries but none of them even begins to compare to you! I really appreciate you sending me "THE BEST"!! The plants came so well packed, even the ones in bud. I can assure you that there will be repeat orders from me. I will also pass the word along of your quality!! Thanks again!" - S.H., VA

"I am impressed with the prompt service of mailing orchids to the small state of New Jersey. The plants I had purchased from you arrived in such good healthy condition. Thank you for your professional handling of these beautiful plants. I look forward to ordering more plants from you." - C.F., NJ

"I received my orchid order this week as was extremely pleased. The plants look very healthy. I should also say that you were all very helpful in answering my email and getting my plants to me so quickly. I am excited that you were able to complete my full order. Phals are new to me and I am just starting to get my feet wet. I will be ordering again soon and so will my friends. Your product has won our little mail order contest. Thanks again!" - T.C., UT

"Orchids arrived in excellent condition and they are beautiful. I guess you hear it all the time, but will say it anyway. Your reputation for quality orchids is certainly justified. They are without doubt the best and largest 5" plant material I've ever ordered. Thank you so much for your concern and your quality!" - A.B., KY