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Odom’s Orchids For Sale Online: Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, & More!

Odom’s Orchids has been in business for over 47 years in southeast Florida, and for more than 12 years we have been offering only the very best orchids for sale online. When it comes to orchids, we know our stuff. We cultivate Cattleya orchids, Oncidium, Lady Slippers, Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid), and dozens of other unique varieties in our 90,000 square feet of greenhouse space.


Though our customers have trusted us for years with our expert orchid care, growth, and cultivation, they also trust us with something other things that are just as important: smart, safe shipping and good, honest business.

Because we sell orchids by mail and online, the vast majority of our customers never see the orchid plant they buy in person until it arrives on their doorstep. (If you are around Ft. Pierce, Florida, then you should definitely drop in to see us!) For this reason, we take the shipping side of business very seriously.

How Our Orchid Website Ships

The majority of our orchids ship via FedEx Ground service. During the warmer months, shipping around the country doesn’t present too great a challenge. We recommend Express (Air) shipping during cooler weather, but realize that the price isn’t always within customers’ budgets. No matter how your orchid plant is shipped, we always check weather forecasts. If we think that your orchid may be subjected to extreme cold/below freezing temperatures then we’ll hold your order until temperatures rise. The only thing that will release your order is if you agree to assume full responsibility for damages or losses – though we certainly would not encourage you to do so!

Buying Orchids: By Mail or Online

We mentioned that the second reason our customers trust us is that we’re known for our good business practices. We know that most customers prefer to browse through our orchids for sale online on their own. You might have a question or two (our line is always open) or you might know exactly what you want. We try to streamline the online shopping process as effectively as possible for ordering through our orchid website.

Then again, we realize that there are other customers that prefer to order their orchids by mail or over the phone. Odom’s Orchids has designed an infrastructure that aims to make this process as simple and thorough as possible. Many customers who buy our orchid plants feel they get first-class product and first-class treatment, which is why they’ve been coming back to Odom’s time and time again!

Pricing, Types of Orchids for Sale, & More

Lastly, we’d like to mention that we have lowered the prices on many or our orchids in order to help customers stretch their dollars further than ever during these tough economic times. We’d like to invite you to browse through our online store for beautifully splashed Cattleya, exotic Lady Slippers, stunning Oncidium, and many more high quality orchids. Our offerings are constantly changing as we continue to grow.

Have more questions about Odom’s Orchids? We’d be more than happy to help you. Find out why we’re the number one orchid website in the world, chosen by professional and amateur growers alike!

For the best service and quickest response, please contact us at our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it e-mail address.

John & Louise Odom
Rob Schneider
Greenhouse Manager
Cristina, Bill, Ann, Bob, Paul & Sherry
Grower Assistants


Gift Ideas

Since most orchids only bloom once or twice a year, the chances of ordering a specific orchid for a gift and having it blooming at the right time is rather slim. If you want to send a gift (even to yourself!) and want to be sure it is blooming, we have special offers for orchids in bud/bloom for any special occasion. We also offer gift certificates for that person who you have no idea what type of orchid to get. Click on the 'Specials' or 'Gift Certificates' links above.


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