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What Is a Cattleya Orchid?

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If you’re new to orchids, you might be a bit confused about all of the different varieties and species of the plant. And who can blame you? There’s an incredible amount of diversity in orchids. Even though we’ve grown orchid plants for sale for years, we’re still developing and cultivating new and different types every year.

Without a doubt, the Cattleya Orchid is the most popular type of orchid plant for sale in our online store. We currently have over 200 varieties of cattleyas in stock! Cattleya orchid care is relatively easy, which is one reason why these plants are so popular. Also, they’re incredibly beautiful and diverse. In fact, if you are new to orchids, you could probably see a dozen Cattleya Orchids and not even realize that they’re of the same family!

Facts & Information About Cattleya Orchids

  • This type of orchid can be found anywhere between southern Mexico and tropical South America.
  • Cattleyas were the original ‘corsage’ orchid, warn by women to proms, weddings, and for Mother’s Day.
  • Cattleya Orchids were named in 1824 for Sir William Cattley, who was the first person to import and successfully flower these orchids.
  • During the 1900s, Cattleya Orchids were widely hybridized, leading to the vast selection that’s available today on our orchid website!

What’s your favorite kind of Cattleya Orchid?

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